Purpose of Careerguru


The proper career guidance through experience is the prerequisite for developing competent professionals. There are number of websites on the career guidance, however current website is evolved through an experience and direct interaction with career aspirants. It has been realized that an appropriate guidance can save a lot of time, energy   and resources in career planning and career development. The consistent feedback from the career aspirants, different academic institutes and the industries has made http://careerguru.co.in  a very special website.
It has been experienced that invalid career measures can mislead and even harm the career aspirants. By experience it has been realized that a platform should exist where career aspirants, experts and industries should come together. Based on this concept, http://careerguru.co.in has been launched to help the career aspirant in every possible manner.  http://careerguru.co.in aims at creating a united platform for students, parents, eduction institutes, industries and other related academic institutes.

Salient features of http://careerguru.co.in website

  • Provides an overview of different careers and illustrates the different careerpathways.
  • Helps to get in touch with the recent developments in various fields that created career opportunities by many-folds.
  • Makes an effort to be the source for professional help in making career choices.
  • Guides the career aspirants with career choices, career planning and  job skills.  
  • Imparts ultra detailed information especially to those who wants to choose Biological sciences as a career option

Ultimately the current website has a mission to make students as ‘career oriented icons’. The conscious efforts have been made to share the most comprehensive, accurate and latest career experiences.